About the Comic

What is this place, you ask? Just your regular run of the mill "Haunted Fairground", I suppose. Urban legends would tell you this area used to be an Indian Burial Ground that someone built an insane asylum which was closed down after a number of the inmates vanished, and a short time later it was reopened as an orphanage which was demolished when a plane full of holiday travelers crashed into it on Christmas Eve, and that the amusement park rides were built using the fragments that remained.

Of course, those are just Legends. The truth is that the amusement park was actually built on a plot of recently cleared land purchased for that express purpose by MegaMusementGlobalFun Group in the mid 1980's. Oh, also it was inadvertantly built on a direct portal to Hell.

Plus, cell reception here sucks.

The Cast

Zombie Chuck

The newest member of the Sparkles Amusement Park family, if you look around the park long enough you'll find Chuck eventually.

First Appeared: A Beginning

34 appearances


Dante is one of the few humans still working at the amusement park. Maybe his rat cunning has allowed him to remain unscathed? Maybe it's just that no undead group wants to be responsible for him...

First Appeared: The Ropes

57 appearances


One of the last remaining original human employees, Eve is intelligent, resourceful, and kind of a bitch if you ask me, why she gotta be rude like that.

First Appeared: Lost

22 appearances

Phil Spectre

Phil was stuck working with Dante, which seemed to him a fate worse than death. So he took what he thought was the easy way out. Now he's dead but at least he gets to work the front desk.

First Appeared: A Beginning

2 appearances

Richard Sparkles

Richard Sparkles, owner of Sparkles Amusement Park and CEO of MegaMusementGlobalFun Group Inc. It is his job to keep the machines running and the customers alive. A delicate balance.

First Appeared: Rebranding

15 appearances


Ted "Pot Head" Nelson has been employed by the park since it's opening day, and has somehow managed to never do a day of work.

First Appeared: Gruesome

6 appearances

Zombie Rob

Zombie Rob is something less human than human. Also he is the vector of Chucks zombification.

First Appeared: Less Human Than Human

10 appearances

Barry Burnsides

Barry "The Bearmaster" Burnsides. Park Security and Tom Selleck Cool.

First Appeared: Saved by the BLAM

5 appearances


Chief Medical Officer, Head Nurse, Bride of Frankenstein, Mistress Of Darkness. Elviral wears many hats, and collects many heads.

First Appeared: The Table of Doom

5 appearances


The immortal elder sister of Medusa, Euryale is a lovable carefree character who can turn you to stone with a gaze or tear your mind asunder with her scream. Like, if she could be bothered. Ugh.

First Appeared: The Table of Doom

2 appearances

Morgan Freegan

Hipster or Hobo? Por que no los dos!

First Appeared: Want to play a game

2 appearances


Assistant to Death's Assistant Manager, tormented face in the darkness, part time petting zoo supervisor.

First Appeared: Fearsome Steeds

4 appearances


The Hunchback of Sideshow Lane. Elviral's assistant and chief limb gatherer.

First Appeared: Nurses Office

4 appearances


Having four heads makes for a very useful complaints officer.

First Appeared: Rise of the Headmaster

1 appearances

Zombie Pat

Zombit Pat is a bit husky, but that just means there's more of him to love. Or run screaming from.

First Appeared: Z Crew

4 appearances

Witch Doctor Wen

First Appeared: The Doctor is Sin

1 appearances

William Tolive

What a sassy little skeleton man

1 appearances

About the creators

Words - Ross Pearson

Ross Peason


Wearer of many hats, rarely any pants. I write words good what Paul make pretty pitchers with.

This is the one and only webcomic I've written for, and it's also coincidentally my favourite webcomic since Garfield was digitised in the late 90's. It's really great to be able to express a brain fart in words and then have a talented artist on tap to bring it to life. I can highly recommend it if you get the chance.

Anyway, I hope you dig what we're doing. Feel free to hit me up on the twitter dingus thing below, I go there sometimes. Please also swipe right on my tinder.

Art - Paul Spencer

Paul Spencer


Designer & front end-developer by day and illustrator by night.

I've been drawing comics since 2003 in webcomic and graphic novel format. Dead to Ride is a passion project and I love drawing the characters and the world. I love the story telling format of comics. I handle pencils, inks, flats, shades and letters all of the comics you see. Every step is an art form all by itself. Dead to Ride is a great comic as I get to experiment with each stage.

I hope you enjoy the comic and if you have any questions get in touch through my twitter handle and I'll get back to you when I (in)frequently check it next.